Aiming for true value

Immersive technologies are so much more than just a wow effect. We will help you pinpoint where and how they can bring you the best value.

Scientific expertise

With ten years of experience in international research, and a constant link to major laboratories, we provide with a scientifically backed, state-of-the art knowledge in immersive technologies and their usability.

A pluridisciplinary approach

Our approach encompasses technological, human, and contextual focuses, to create a technically well-designed system that integrates in your organization and provides a great user experience.

We help you create, design and develop your next step leap in innovation.

See how virtual and augmented reality can help you gain the edge

Guide and Advise

Maybe you already know what you want to do, and wonder how to do it. Maybe you have a feeling that immersive technologies could be really useful to you, but you are not quite sure how. We will help you define your key goals and needs to better kickstart your project.

Observe and Design

A virtual or augmented reality system fulfills a role in a given operational context. We focus on your users and the context in which they operate to provide the most adapted design, ensuring optimum value, integration, and user experience

Prototype and Evaluate

Innovation is built on trial, and prototyping is the best way to test new ideas, to validate design choices, or to break through technical locks. We develop prototypes and conduct user evaluations to assess the relevance of the design choices in terms of usability, efficiency, and acceptance.

Teach and Train

Training your collaborators is a key point in ensuring your success in immersive technologies. We provide training sessions on immersive technologies (VR, AR, Interaction, or a package) that will allow you and your team to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge and abilities.

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